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Using your Atom edger

Using the Atom edger is simple;

1. Set the height adjuster so that the blade just  touches the ground when the hands are dropped 4 inches from the normal operating height.

2. When establishing new edgers take care to predict the edge of the concrete. It is not dangerous to contact concrete although it will cause the blade to prematurely wear.

ATOM Lawn edger Professional

The ATOM Prfessional edgers incorporate the same technology and system as their other edgers. The added performance of Honda 4 stroke OHV engines is a must for the professional, or anyone who appreciates absolute quality. The best edgers on the market come with the Honda 25 or 35cc OHV engines. Giving them not only top performance, but great life and reliability.Try one

ATOM 2 Stroke edger

THe ATOM 2 stroke edger offers portable edging using the best system available. the Atom is the only walk behind edger. This feature allows the Atom to be used at faster speeds making it the most productive hardworking edger on the market. By comparisin all other edgers are bulky and slow. Atom edgers use quality brass gears for long life .They are also made in Australia which is great

ATOM electric Lawn edger

The ATOM electric lawn edger is the no fuss way to have the best edges in the street. Atom’s unique walk-behind design allows for absolute control over the edgiing process. This feature makes Atom the fastest lawn edger to use, and not by just a little. On established edges, the Atom can be virtually used at walking speed. The edger is easily adjusted for different users The method of adjustment is explained later in this section