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r). SILVAN Select Fire-fighters

SILVAN Selecta Fire-fighters Thes units are ideal for fir-fighting applications and general water transfer. Common features;

4 stroke engine with oil alert

250  to 380 Lpm open flow

Pressures 72 to 100 psi

Direct coupled single and twin impellor high pressure pumps

Multiple outlets for a range of applications

Optional fire fighting kits

Available with roll cage or trolley mounted (illustrated)

q). SILVAN Kasco spray helmets

SILVAN Kasco Spray helmets are the safest way to spray crops using open cab tractors. Models are available which use either battery of remote power from the tractor. All hemets include an A1P3 chemical filter which safely removes spray product from the breathing supply. Battery powered units offer 6 hours of continuous operation before requiring recharging. Tractor powered units also incorporates a built in battery so that helmets can be continued to be worn and operate when tank filling.

o. SILVAN Trailed Turbomiser

Silvan Trailed Turbomiser.  Feature the same pumps and fans as the linkage models with similar performance but capable of larger spray tasksincluding higher out-put.

MODEL       FAN            TANK         LPM     AIR SPD      AIR VOL

P50E            500             1000            140         175mps        7550m3/h

  P50E            500            1500            140         175               7550m3/h

 P50E            500            2000            140         175               7550m3/h

  P55E            550            1500            140         170               14,000 m3

   P55E            550            2000            140         170               14,000m3

n). SILVAN Turbomiser Sprayers

SILVAN Turbomizers are the premium machine for low volume spray applications. simply speaking they are able to treat more trees with every tank therefore saving considerable time and money. FarmCare has sold and maintains many of these machines. We also offer an on-site callibration service. Call 66842022. All models feature air-shear atomization which produces the finest and most evenly formed droplets for maximum spray coverage.

MODEL   FAN      TANK      Lpm      Air spd            Air Vol M3 ph

P42E      420mm      400L         140L      228mps            4000

P45E      450mm       400L         140L      228mps           5400

P50E      500mm       600L         140L      175mps           7550

P55DE   550mm        600L         140L      175mps         14,000

m). SILVAN Trailed airblast sprayers

SILVAN trailed airblast sprayers all include polytough polyethylene impact resistent tanks and galvanized frames. All have bypass agitation and come with a range of other agitation options. FarmCare has sold many of these machines over the years and provides a repair service and on-site callibration service, Models include

MODEL   FAN      PUMP               SPEED   CONTROL

1000L      800mm      APS121            2spd      cable

2000L      900mm      APS121/166      2spd      cable

3500L      900mm      APS166/260      2spd      electric

4200L      900mm      APS166/260      2spd      electric

5000L      1000mm     APS166            2spd      electric


Single sided conveyors and twin deflectors

RADAK twin sided coveyrors 2000L plus

Axle options

Automatic rate controllers

l) SILVAN Linkage Airblast sprayers



The SILVAN Suntuff linkage airblast sprayers are available in 200, 400 and 500 Litres. All have tanks made of polytough impact resistant polyethylene. with litre callibrations and non spill lid with breather. All have galvanized frames and oil backed diaphram pumps.

MODEL   PUMP      FLOW LPM     KPA                PSI      FAN

   200L         APS71           71                  4000                 430      600mm

  400L         APS71           71                   4000                430      700mm

   500L         APS96            95                  4000                430      800mm

  400L         BP125/20        121                 2000              285      800mm


Single side conveyors for large or dense trees

Two sided deflector which pushes air to both sides

Bottom air deflectors which push air up into trees

k). SILVAN Slimline Linkage sprayers

The SILVAN Slimline linkage  sprayers are available in 200, 300 and 00 Litres. All have tanks made of polytough impact resistant polyethylene. with litre callibrations and non spill lid with breather. All have galvanized frames and oil backed diaphram pumps.

MODEL   PUMP      FLOW LPM     KPA                PSI      

   200L         BP20/15           20                 1500              215

  300L         BP60/20            58                 2000             285

   400L        BP60/20             58                 2000             285

  400L        BP125/20        121                 2000              285


Field booms 6 an 8 metres

Vine and Olive booms

Economy reels

j). SILVAN Motorized pumps

SILVAN motorized spray pumps include electric and petrol powered models.  The 240 volt MC20/20 240V model has a pumping pressure of up to 20 bar (290psi) and spray flow of 20 Lpm. Included with the pump is a pressure regulator for accurately controling spray pressures and out-puts

Pertol models have a range of out-puts from 20 Lpm to 58 Lpm ( with 60/20 pump} Models include;

MODEL                  POWER         FLOW         PRESSURE

 MC20/20 4 stroke    Honda 3hp      20 lpm            290 psi

BP60/20 4 stroke      Honda`5.5hp   60 lpm            290 psi

APS41 4 stroke         Honda  5.5hp   38 lpm            580 psi