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Nutri-Store 180®


A microbe-rich, high-carbon, composted fertiliser addressing the carbon depletion too common in contemporary agriculture.

Nutri-Store 180® involves bituminous coal being converted into organic carbon, the element most lacking in conventional agriculture. The new generation fertiliser also includes colloidal phosphate, fish protein, cow manure and a proprietary vitamin and mineral formula.


  • Build soil carbon.
  • Increase yields.
  • Improve soil structure.
  • Promote beneficial microbes.
  • Increase drought resistance.
  • Carbon holds four times its own weight in water.
  • Detoxifying and purifying.
  • Increase humus production.
  • Reduce leaching.
  • Better quality produce.
  • Longer shelf-life.
  • Rapid, balanced growth.

Nutri-Store Gold

A “fusion fertiliser” that covers all bases. Fertiliser, soil conditioner and microbial inoculum all-in-one.

NTS have developed a complete fertiliser covering every aspect of plant and soil nutrition. Nutri-Store Gold™ is the bridge between conventional agriculture and organics, literally containing the best of both worlds. This new generation fertiliser epitomises the NTS approach toward high yield, sustainable agriculture. Fusion farming is the key to maximum production, crop quality and real fertilisers, which build soil fertility while feeding both the soil and the plant.



  • A total fertiliser involving over 20 components.
  • A “living fertiliser”, where organic acids and microbes have complexed the component minerals and nutrients.
  • Organic carbon and minerals build crop quality.
  • The largest selling NTS home garden fertiliser.
  • The perfect ‘complete’ option in the absence of a soil test.