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STIHL RE118 high pressure cleaner

Stihl RE118 high pressure cleaner. The Stihl RE118 is a high quality domestic pressure washer. Released in 2009 the RE118 is the third generation of domestic pressure cleaners. The up-grade as well as incorporating obvious design changes includes an up-grade to the pump, more particularly the pump features an anodized coating which offer superior protection against corrosion. This will result in significantly increased product life. Another feature up-graded on this model from the RE108 is the use of superior commercial quality hose,which is fabricated from rubber coated braided wire.

k) STIHL MS311 FarmBoss Chainsaw

MS 311 fan side

Robust and compact chain saw, quiet running with comfort features. Ideal for daily forestry work or woodcraft. Particularly powerful, requires little maintenance. Up to 20 % lower fuel consumption and up to 50 % lower exhaust emissions compared with STIHL two stroke engines of the same power output without 2-MIX technology. With controlled-delivery oil pump.

STIHL FS 38 Line Trimmer

Stihl FS38 Line-trimmer Powerful and durable LineTrimmer for domestic trimming and lawn edging. Large capacity petrol engine for superior performance – Full crank shaft engine design. Adjustable loop handle for operator convenience. Bent shaft for trimming & edging applications. Carburettor primer bulb for easier starting.


Technical Specifications
Engine Capacity  27.2 cc
Engine Power  0.65 kW
Dry Weight  4.1 kg
Power to Weight  6.3 kg/kW
Cutting Head Type  AutoCut® Twin-Line Tap’n’Go 


Product Features
Electronic Ignition
Adjustable Loop Handle
Multi Function Handle
Bent Shaft Machine
Throttle Trigger Interlock
Carburettor Primer
Full Crank Shaft
Easy Wind Nylon Spool