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STIHL SG31 5 Litre Sprayer

STIHL SG31 Pump up Sprayer Adding to the range of manual sprayers, the new STIHL SG 31 fills the gap between the current models in the extremely popular 5 litre category. Ideal for weed killing, pest and plant control and fertilizing in both homeowner and landowner application. Professional users may also like the SG 31’s compact size and great features.

STIHL Pressure Sprayers

STIHL have a long held reputation for high quality power equipment. Now the same quality is available in garden and specialist pressure sprayers for home or industry.

SG10             1.6L

SG31              5.0L

SG51              12.0L

SG20             20.0L

All Sprayers feature longlife seals and can be partnered with a wide range of STIHL spray accessories.