DAVEY HP and HS multistage pumps

The DAVEY HP and HS multistage pressure systems are the latest puimps added to the Davey range. Shown here with the new TORIUM electronic controller the HS and HP offer outstanding performance and whisper quiet operation. The Torium controller delivers strong even pressure regardledd of how many taps are open. The HP ansd HS pumps require installation where there is a flooded suction.

HP45-05T      66 Lpm            20M head            4 taps

HP65-06T      85 Lpm            20M head            6 taps

HP85-08T      125 Lpm         20M head             8 taps

HS50-05T      48 Lpm            21M head            4 taps

HS50-06T      48 Lpm            29M head            4 taps

HS60-06T      68 Lpm            21M head            6 taps

HS60-08T      68 Lpm            29M head            6 taps

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