HONDA EG3600CX Generator

EG3600CX Industrial Honda Generator

EG3500cxHonda’s has released the all new EG range that redefines the open-frame generator market.


Feature Benefits
D-AVR (Digital AVR) Inverter-like voltage stability

Honda’s unique D-AVR detects, calculates and controls voltage at the outlet, not the alternator. Traditional AVRs are like adjusting the taps in the shower; turn up the hot tap, wait a while and find it’s too hot or still too cold. Honda’s D-AVR solves this problem, banishing flickering lights and the risk of equipment damage.

Centralised Switch Layout All controls in one place

Start switch, choke, fuel valve and outlets all conveniently placed together.

Ultra-Modern Styling Leading edge performance and looks

The all new EG frame won’t be mistaken for an inferior brand, whilst enhancing transport protection and portability.

All Models have AC & DC circuit breakers

2 x 15 amp outlets

Oil Alert

24 Litre tank

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