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SILVAN Fertilizer Spreaders

SILVAN have a range of fertiler spreaders for every application, from ATV mounted spreaders to three-point linkage models (SX series shown). The most popular that FarmCare sells is the SX 500 gal hopper. Which has a 338 litre capacity and a variable throw of up to 12 metres. There are 3 different spread pattern options. An optional side throw attchment is available, as is a lime spreading agitator.

SILVAN Dieselpak transfer tanks

The SILVAN Dieselpak transfer tanks come in 100, 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 and 1000 Litre models. All include high quality “service station” type shut-off valves and diesel handling pumps with flows from 40 to 85 litres per minute. All have 4 metres of battery cable and 4 metres of quality diesel delivery hose. (800 Litre pictured) Larger models incorporate baffles for smooth safe transporting. Larger models include a lokable theft proof lid.

FIELDQUIP Box Blade Scrapers


Ideal for lweveling and finish grading and back-filling leveling building sites etc. Complete with ripper points with reversible tips.Available in 4 models from 1.5 to 2.4m (1.5, 1.8,2.1 and 2.1m).


* Double froward and reverse cutting edges.

* Formed mouldboard design

* Heat treated tips * Heat treated shanks

FIELDQUIP Post-Hole digger


Features a one piece tubular frame for greater strength. Augers from 100 to 600mm augers. Friction clutch for protection.

L20                        L50                     L75

Tractor              18-30                     25-55                  30-75

Auger                   100 to 300        100 to 450         100 to 600

RPM                     540                        540                       540

FIELDQUIP Finishing mowers

Fieldquip. Finishing Mowers. are ideal for producing a high quality lawn finish on larger properties without the need for a ride-on mower. Made to industrial agricultural standard the finshing mower featues a quality agricultural gear-box 4 castor wheels for height control and anti-scalping. as well as a floating top-link for safe operation on undulating land. Suitable for operation with 18 to 40hp tractors the Fieldquip finshing mowers are ideal for schools, golf-courses, sporting fields or larger properties where a lawn finish is desired.


The Fieldquip ATV towed mowers are ideal for mowing where tractors are either not available of not appropriate. The towed mowers available in a range of sizes feature either 11 or 13hp Honda OHV industrial motors for ultimate dependability. Advantages of  towed mowers;

A range of cutting heights controlled by floatation wheels

If you have an ATV you dont need a tractor to cut the grass.

Towed mowers are fitted with a centrifugal clutch and remote throttle so that operation can be controlled from the ATV seat.

Enables an ATV to cut up to 1600mm, without the need for a more powerful tractor.

FIELDQUIP Grader Blades

The Fieldquip LIFE-STYLE Grader blades are available in 3 sizes 1200 (4ft ) 1500 (5 ft ) and 1800 (6ft). They can be used with tractors from 18 to 40hp). The Life-style grader blades offer a choice of 6 angles and can be adapted for grading and leveling.The grader blade is made from 6mm reinforced steel and featues a replaceable cutting edge for long-life operation.

FIELDQUIP Sabre 1200 and 1500 Slashers

Fieldquip SABRE 1200 and 1500 are ideal slashers for lifestyle or smaller blocks where tough durable grass cuttings is required. The Sabres available in 4 anf 5 foot cut widths, feature a 5mm top deck with bracing underneath the machine so that the deck is clear and easy to clean. Both models have a cast iron 40hp agricultural gear-box. The machines are suitable for tractors 18 to 40 hp.The sabres can be fitted with 2 or 4 blades where a finer mower finish is required Sabres include a floating top-link for safer operation in undulating situations .