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HYDRALADA MAXI 640 6.40m platform lift height

Considered the ‘workhorse’ of the Maxi range. The 640 has a large section boom providing excellent lift capacity at a low boom angle to allow maximum reach. Choose from the extensive portfolio of options to set the Maxi 640 up for the job in hand – tandem drive for rough and difficult ground surfaces – insulated fibreglass cages for utilities and clearing street trees – hydraulic outlets to power chainsaws are just a small selection that this machine has to offer.

The Maxi 640 is still the top selling model into the avocado industry.


HYDRALADA MAXI 540 5.40m platform lift height

The Maxi 540 provides excellent lift capacity with an operators maximum working height of up to 7.50m.

The 540’s extra lift and low tail profile is the perfect choice when working in tight spaces.

Key Features and benfits only with Hydralada

Operates for less than $1.00 per hour

The quietest most user friendly of them all

Highest possible build quality for great reliability

Passed highest tests for operator safety


HYDRALADA HI-LIFT 440 4.40m platform lift height

Specified with our ‘Tandem Four Wheel Drive System’, the Hi Lift 440 is the ‘ultimate’ model.

At the operator’s maximum working height of 6.50m and its unique drive control, the 440 is easily manoeuvred at full elevation and will work safely on rough, unprepared difficult terrain

The Hi-Lift Series can be fitted with all the popular options and
attachments – Tandem Four Wheel Drive, Hydrabraking System, Auxiliary Oil Outlets for power tools and Twin Castor Wheels.


HYDRALADA HI-LIFT 360 3.60m platform lift height

The traditional orchard power ladder,
the Hi Lift 360 is the model that is used
for many applications, from erecting
and maintaining protective high net
structures, farm shed construction and
medium size fruit tree orchards.

The Hi Lift 360 can also be fitted with
various optional attachments and will
become your most versatile workmate