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f) GRILLO Wheeled Trimmers

The Grillo wheeled trimmers are the safe alternative for mowing where conditions are unknown, such as the presence of hidden rocks etc, or un-even ground. There are two models in the range, offering a choice of features. offsettable cutting head for mowing along fence-lines etc.

The HWT 550 Tilt has the added feature of being tilt adjustable for giving a tapered finish at the edge of a lawn.

The HWT 600 is the self propelled option for easier operation.FarmCare has sold many of these machines with customer satisfaction being very high. They really do do a fantastic job. Ask us about these great trimmers 


  HWT 550Tilt     5.5hp         550mm            410mm      Yes        No

 HWT 600         5.5hp         550mm             410mm        No        Yes