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DRAINCOIL flexible drainage pipe

Draincoil is the economical way to handle storm water run-off. Available in slotted, un-slotted and socked varieties Draincoil can be fittied easily to random shaped trenches. In un-slotted form it is suitable for sub-surface water transfer. We carry 65, 80 and 100mm sizes in socked un-socked slotted pipe as well as  80mm and 100mm un-slotted.

POLY PIPE Green and Blue-line

FarmCare stocks a wide range of poly pipe including 3/4 to 2 inch rural. 16mm to 50mm Metric class 12.5 and low density irrigation poly We also cut pipe to the lengths that you require. Pipes include

Rural Green stripe Pipe

200m x 3/4 ”  200m x 1″   150m x 1 1/4″      150m x 1 1/2″  100m x 2″

Metric Blue stripe pipe   kept in stock

15mm      300m

25mm      25m      50m      100m      200m

32mm      25m      50m      159m

40mm      50m       150m

50mm       50m      100m

Lo- Pol   Low density pipe (not made for holding pressure)

!/2″   25m      50m      100m      300m

3/4″   25m      50m      100m      200m

1″     25m      50m      100m      200m

LAYFLAT HOSE and Fittings

We stock layflat BLUE hose in 1 in,  1 1/2 and 2 inch. We can cut to length. We also have fire-fighter kits which have a layflat delivery hose. Layflat hose has an operating pressure of 70 psi max which suits it for operation with single impellor fire-fighter pumps,. For quick/ emergency operation it is recommended to use Camlock quick couplers.

HELIFLEX reinforced suction hose

FarmCare stocks Heliflex GREY suction hose in 1 in 1 1/4in/ 1 1/2in and 2in As well as being a strong and flexible suction hose Heliflex can be used in applications where working pressure to 75 psi is required. We cut these to length. They are also available in 20m coils.Heliflex is recommended for operation with fire-fighter pumps as ait reduces the need for elbows and fittings which increase suction requirements.