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POLY PIPE Green and Blue-line

FarmCare stocks a wide range of poly pipe including 3/4 to 2 inch rural. 16mm to 50mm Metric class 12.5 and low density irrigation poly We also cut pipe to the lengths that you require. Pipes include

Rural Green stripe Pipe

200m x 3/4 ”  200m x 1″   150m x 1 1/4″      150m x 1 1/2″  100m x 2″

Metric Blue stripe pipe   kept in stock

15mm      300m

25mm      25m      50m      100m      200m

32mm      25m      50m      159m

40mm      50m       150m

50mm       50m      100m

Lo- Pol   Low density pipe (not made for holding pressure)

!/2″   25m      50m      100m      300m

3/4″   25m      50m      100m      200m

1″     25m      50m      100m      200m

IRRIGATION Impact sprinklers

FarmCare stocks a large range of impact sprinklers for small to large irrigation projects. The lego plastic impact sprinklers have adjustable arc and range making them an economical alternative wheh distance4s of up to 15m radius and flows to 8 litres a miniute are required. Farmcare also has a range of brass high flow impact sprinklers .