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RO Filters incorporate an ultra-fine membrane which is caplable of filtering the fines of micro-scopic objects and as such purify the water. The RO system also incorpoartes sediment and carbon filters to offer the purest of water supplies. They do unfortuntely waste a significant amount of water in the process (up to 90%) of water consumed.

k). UV filtration

UV fliters incorporate UV purification as well as sediment and carbon filtration. This provides the ultimate in filtration for the home. The twin under-sink models offer flow rates to 2.5 Lpm . Larger models eg the Terminator 25 offer filtration flows to 25 Lpm. which enables them to service multiple taps where high water quality is required. For maximum operation filters need to be replaced regularly and UV lights should be replaced every 12 months.

i). ROYAL DOULTON Water filters

Royal Doulton ceramaic water filters are as good as you can buy, with many advantages over seemingly cheaper filters. The Royal Doulton offers :absolute” rating, which means that it filters accurately as specified for the entire life of the filter. The filter can be used over and over again until it is waorn away! The Steracyl filter filters to 0.9 micron. This is effective in filtering out cysts such as Girdia, chryptosporidium and other microscopic bacteria.

h). CARBON Block filters

Carbon Block filters. The filtes are moulded to incorporate actice carbon which is capable of trapping disolved metals and minerals (such as chlorine). They are sutable for both town water which has been chemically treated and for tank water which has chemivcals carried by rain. They also offer sediment capture to specified micron ratings Most only offer “nominal” ratings which offer a limited life.

g). WASHABLE sediment filters

Washable sediment filters are used as pre-filters where high quality carbon filters are used. The washable filter (either 5 or 20 microns) trap the larger contaminants in the water thus lengthening the life of more expensive carbon filters. It should be noted that the filters need to be checked for splits along the seems and it should also be noted that they will never return to the original color, although this does not render them un-serviceable. They are available for 10 and 20 inch filter housings.

f). SEDIMENT water filters

Sediment filters are availble to fit all available housings and flows. The least expensive are the Poly-wound elements which are available in 0.5, 1, 5, and 20 micron. It should be noted that these filters offer “nominal” ratings. This means that they will filter at the specified rates for a “given ” time. After they have become saturated they cease to filter and allow untreated water to track through the filter rendering them usless.

e). COUNTER TOP filtration

Counter-top filter offer an economical alternative to under-sink units which require some plumbing alterations to the house supply. The counter-top unts are usaually used in conjunction with quality carbon filters. Placed at the kitchen sink they offer at the switch of a lever high quality filtered water for drinking, cooking or dish washing.