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STIHL RE 108 High Pressure Cleaner

Improved durability, reliable performance

The RE 108 cleaner offers excellent performance and value for money.

Numerous smart features in this STIHL range will make life easier for the user such as; retracting handles, cable tidy & hose tidy, front opening storage compartment, and even a storage bracket for the dismantled lance.

Internally it has a high quality 3-piston axial pump with durable anodized Aluminium valve head and stainless steel pistons for a longer wear life.

Fully compatible with a wide range of accessories including washing brushes and patio cleaners.

Automatic power cut-out when not in use to save electricity and wearing parts.

Low maintenance sealed oil system (will still need periodic oil inspections.)

Standard Features

Fan-jet nozzle with variable pressure

Rotary nozzle for stubborn dirt

Detergent spray set

Easy to connect anti-twist lance couplings

8 metre polymer hose

Auto power cutout when not in use

Maintenance free lifelong lubrication


Rated voltage 230 V

Power consumption 1.7 kW

Fuse protection 10 Amp

Weight 15 kg

Max pressure 1740 psi (120 bar)

Working pressure 145-1595 psi (10-110 bar)

Max water throughput 7.3 l/min (440 l/hr)

Max water supply temp 40 ºC

STIHL RE128 High pressure cleaner

The Stihl RE128 high Pressure Cleaner is the premium model in the doestic range, Features such as a wire braided hose complete with hose reel offers applications in light commercial use, such as on appartment blocks and businesses. The RE128 has an operating pressure of up to 135bar (1960psi ) and an out-put of 8.3 lpm. As with other models in the range the package includes both flat fan with pressure adjustment and turbo nozzle. Also included is a detergent applicator and nozzle tip cleaner

STIHL RE118 high pressure cleaner

Stihl RE118 high pressure cleaner. The Stihl RE118 is a high quality domestic pressure washer. Released in 2009 the RE118 is the third generation of domestic pressure cleaners. The up-grade as well as incorporating obvious design changes includes an up-grade to the pump, more particularly the pump features an anodized coating which offer superior protection against corrosion. This will result in significantly increased product life. Another feature up-graded on this model from the RE108 is the use of superior commercial quality hose,which is fabricated from rubber coated braided wire.