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DAVEY XP350P8C Pressure Pump

The Davey XP350P8C is high quality water pressure system suitable for small homes or applications such as a small spear pump.

The XP350 is available as a conventional pressure system or can be fitted with the new Torium electronic control system. Typically the XP350 is capable of running up to 3 taps at a time.

DAVEY Torium Pump controller

The Davey TORIUM pressure system controller is the leader of constant pressure controllers, with the following benefits:

   Constant flow for seamless pump operation without pump cycling

   Loss of Prime Protection. If the water supply runs out or is cut off, The Torium will automatically shut the pump down untill the supply returns, at which time it will restart the pump and restore normal operation.

   Adaptive Pressure switch Adapts the cut in pressure according to the perametres of the pump operation, including factors such as suction lift household plumbing characteristics etc

DAVEY Submersible Sump Pumps

The DAVEY range of submersible sump pumps includes 9 models inlcuding Vortex models for pumping waste including soft solids, high flow models for rapid de-watering and high head D42 suitable for pumping to 26m head. (shown in picture). Applications include

waste water fields      de-watering      pool emptying

landscape pond pumping      septic water recycling

DAVEY Rainbank

The Davey RAINBANK is an automatic controller for use in rain harvesting. The controller will source water from your rainwater tank unless the level in the tank becomes low. When rainwater is not available, the Rainbank will automatically switch the source to town water. When the tank is replenished by rain the Rainbank will automatically swutch to the water tank to suppl the house.

DAVEY HP and HS multistage pumps

The DAVEY HP and HS multistage pressure systems are the latest puimps added to the Davey range. Shown here with the new TORIUM electronic controller the HS and HP offer outstanding performance and whisper quiet operation. The Torium controller delivers strong even pressure regardledd of how many taps are open. The HP ansd HS pumps require installation where there is a flooded suction.

HP45-05T      66 Lpm            20M head            4 taps

HP65-06T      85 Lpm            20M head            6 taps

HP85-08T      125 Lpm         20M head             8 taps

HS50-05T      48 Lpm            21M head            4 taps

HS50-06T      48 Lpm            29M head            4 taps

HS60-06T      68 Lpm            21M head            6 taps

HS60-08T      68 Lpm            29M head            6 taps

DAVEY Engine drive pumps

The DAVEY fire-fighters are a new range of self priming engine drive pupm, which is the industry leader for performance and reliability. The new 5 series fire-fighter also out-perform in suction lift situations. with flows to 500 Lpm and head pressure of 30 to 70 M (100psi), the single impellor model is suitable for a range of applications including;

Fire-fighting         Boom spraying         Water transfer

Irrigation              Agricultural spraying   Deep-well pump applications

DAVEY Dynajet range

The DAVEY Dynajet range of pumps have proven themselves over time in many applications. Dynajet pumps have been one of Australias leading pump ranges for many years. suitable for most applications including installations requiring a suction lift, the Dynajet range includes models suitable from small to medium and large homes

Dynajet X50T      46 Lpm         45M head         4 taps

Dynajet X70T      66 Lmp         50M head         6 taps

Dynajet X90         92 Lmp         45M head         7 taps

DAVEY Dynajet Range

The Davey Dynajet range comprises 3 quality pressure systems which are suitable for small medium and large homes.

As the models suggest the X50 delivers up to 50 Lpm (4taps) the X70 70 Lpm (6 taps) and the X90 90 Lpm (7taps) All have head pressures between 40 to 50m so are suitable for double storey applications with suction lifts upm to 6m .