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ONGA JSP 110 and 120 Pressure pumps

The ONGA JSP range of pumps include the Jsp 110 and Jsp 120. Both pumps feature stainless steel housings an the proven Press-Control system. While the pumping figures for the press-control fitted pumps are similar yo the JSK tank models the running pressure is higher and deliver constant pressure. The press-control has the added benefit having dry-run protection and require no maintenance.

ONGA JSK Pressure pump Range

The ONGA JSK 110 and 120 are two of the most popular pumps that Farmcare sells. The 110 feaures a head of 40m and an open flow of 50 lpm. Making it suitable for small to medium sized homes. The JSK120 has a head pressure of 45 m and an open flow of 90 lpm, making it suitable for larger homes or 2 story homes. These pumps feature stainless steel pump housings which offer excellent protection against pump over-heating.

ONGA JMM100 Pressure pump

The ONGA JM 100 jet assisted pump is a low cost, yet quality entry level pump for pressure system applications. It has a nominal head of 40m and an open flow rate of 40 lpm. It comes with a Mini-press contant pressure system which also serves as a dry run protection system. It is suitable for small domestic applications. It is suitable for suitations where a suction lift is encountered.

ONGA Hi-Flow Transfer pumps

The ONGA 400 series Hi Flow tranfer pumps are single impellor transfer pumps which can be used in a variety of applications including tank to tank transfer, landscaping and horticulture. Pump details are as follows;

      413 .4 kw         18m head      160 Lpm flow

      414   .55kw      18m head      200 Lpm flow

      415   .75kw      22m head      280 Lpm flow

      417   .75kw      26m head      200 Lpm flow

ONGA Hi Flow Water Transfer pumps

The Onga Hi Flow moulded pumps are premium commercial pumps with hi flow farm applications such as dairy wash down etc. They also have application in tank to tank transfer and landscape situations where larger flows of water are required.

      112         25m head         325 Lpm flow

      142         35m head         400 Lmp flow

ONGA Farm Master series OJ pumps

The ONGA Farm Master range is comprised of the OJ700 and OJ 800. Both pumps are premium high performance pumps with much higher pumping pressure and flow rates. Both pumps feature a choice of injectors which enable the pump to perform over a wid range of pressures and flows, making them suitable for very high flow and high head

      OJ700      40 to 80m head       75 to 160 Lmp flow

      OJ800      45 to 135m head      50 to 260 Lpm flow