John Deere Z335E Residential Zero Turn

The Z335E Residential ZTrak Zero-Turn Mower with 107 cm (42 in.) Deck

The Z335E offers quality, performance and comfort, along with exceptional manoeuvrability and trimming capability.

The Z335E is equipped with the new Accel Deep deck, a deck that has a single-piece stamped steel shell specially shaped to maximise airflow for optimal cut quality, especially at faster speeds. What makes the Accel Deep deck unique is its nearly 11.4 cm (4.5 in.) deep shell that extends all the way around, and its smooth shape. The deep shell maximises airflow to lift grass up for the most level cut possible.

The Z335E also features large front caster wheels and large rear drive wheels for a smoother ride and better traction.


  • Accel Deep™ deck
  • V-twin, air-cooled engine
  • Speeds up to 11.3 km/h
  • 2 year/120 hour limited warrantyr4d075501-z335ew42-642x462