POLY PIPE Green and Blue-line

FarmCare stocks a wide range of poly pipe including 3/4 to 2 inch rural. 16mm to 50mm Metric class 12.5 and low density irrigation poly We also cut pipe to the lengths that you require. Pipes include

Rural Green stripe Pipe

200m x 3/4 ”  200m x 1″   150m x 1 1/4″      150m x 1 1/2″  100m x 2″

Metric Blue stripe pipe   kept in stock

15mm      300m

25mm      25m      50m      100m      200m

32mm      25m      50m      159m

40mm      50m       150m

50mm       50m      100m

Lo- Pol   Low density pipe (not made for holding pressure)

!/2″   25m      50m      100m      300m

3/4″   25m      50m      100m      200m

1″     25m      50m      100m      200m

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