No 47 Thunderbraid Super Conductive Poly – Tape, Rope, Cord & Braid products.
Strong robust products, with the conductivity of 1.6mm gal wire, & made to last longer!
No 28 200 metres         No 47 200 metres
No 28A 400 metres
No 52 200 metres         No 53 200 metres

A special combination of stainless steel and copper wires, resulting in a super conductive and strong fence system. Stainless steel for strength and tinned copper for Conductivity. Normal poly tapes and wires have a resistance of around 65000 ohms per km.


Polywire & Polytape
Polytape and Polywires
No 40BW white polytape 200 metres
No 40BO orange polytape 200 metres
No 40CW white polytape 400 metres
No 40CO orange polytape 400 metres
No 40S SUPER polytape 200 metres
No 40SA SUPER polytape 400 metres
No 41 40 mm wide polytape
No 40EW white polywire 200 metres
No 40EO orange polywire 200 metres
No 40DW white polywire 500 metres
No 40DO orange polywire 500 metres
No 42 SUPER polywire 200 metres
No 42A SUPER polywire 400 metres
No 47 Poly braid
Standard polytapes and polywires can be used up to 500 metre runs. Super polytapes and Super polywires can be used up to 2000 metres. For longer runs it is recommended to use gal wire.


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